6 ejercicios para mejorar la memoria

6 activities to improve memory


“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us”, Oscar Wilde once wrote. Memory is the storage of information and personal experiences. It gives us the capability to learn and adapt. Thanks to memory, we are who we are.

Unfortunately, there are diseases like Alzheimer´s, in which memory  fades away gradually. This memory loss, however, can be faced. At NeuronUP, we support cognitive stimulation to improve memory.

In the following, we introduce 6 activities to improve memory in adults and children:

6 activities to improve memory

1. Telling Time

Checking the time is one of the most common daily tasks. We usually look at the clock several times each day. A priori, this seems to be an easy task, though it can be difficult for people with mild dementia. They can have trouble telling time when there are different units of time (hour, minutes, etc.). Therefore, this exercise is perfect for the therapist to practice with patients suffering from any type of dementia. It mainly focuses on semantic memory and writing skills.

6 activities to improve memory - tell the time

2. Matching Words to Category

This activity is aimed at training semantic memory. Patients must try to match words to the category to which they belong. For example, “maroon” goes with “colors”, sofa” with “furniture” and “Libya” with “countries”. To which one would you match the word “freezer”?

6 activities to improve memory - Elements and category pairs

3. Matching Cards

This NeuronUP card-matching activity consists of finding the matching pairs among the face-down cards. This exercise targets episodic memory, selective attention, and working memory.

6 activities to improve memory - Match the Poker cards

4. Getting Dressed

This task involves dressing a doll figure appropriately, taking into account both the part of the body where each item of clothing goes and dressing in a sequential fashion, as well as selecting clothing appropriate to occasion. An ideal activity for working with Alzheimer´s patients.

This activity focuses on procedural memory, body schema, ideational praxis, semantic memory, andplanning.

6 activities to improve memory - getting dressed

5. Find the Fish

There are also exercises to improve memory in children. “Find the fish” is a children’s game that consists of accurately remembering the places where the fish appear.

In addition, NeuronUP allows the therapist to choose for each patient the amount of time for memorization, the number of allowable errors, the size of the fish or or whether or nor there are guide lines.

6 activities to improve memory - find the fish

Can your child patients recall the correct spot? It is not that easy: in more difficult levels children must be very precise.

6 activities to improve memory - find the fish 2
This exercise is aimed at training semantic memory and hemineglect in particular.

6. Mole Invasion

“Mole invasion” is another activity for training memory. Patients must first remember in what order the moles come out of the holes and then reproduce it afterwards except in reverse. This exercise targets both working memory and sustained attention.

6 activities to improve memory - mole invasion


6 ejercicios para mejorar la memoria
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6 ejercicios para mejorar la memoria
“La memoria es el diario que todos llevamos con nosotros”, así la definió Oscar Wilde. La memoria es el almacén de nuestros recuerdos y experiencias. Es la capacidad que nos permite aprender y adaptarnos.
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5 thoughts on “6 activities to improve memory

  1. Avatar
    carolyn Sunday March 11th, 2018 at 11:29 AM

    I always used to pride myself on my fantastic memory. But due to health issues and medication, my short term memory is now awful. I still have a great memory for things I don’t need to remember though!

  2. Avatar
    Francisco Montes Monday June 4th, 2018 at 01:01 PM

    Hola, me gustó el artículo.
    Hace tiempo que noto problemas de memoria, tengo dificultades para encontrar objetos y recordar nombres y situaciones. ¿Cuál puede ser la causa por la una persona joven pierda la memoria?

    • Avatar
      NeuronUP Monday September 24th, 2018 at 04:29 PM

      Hola Francisco,
      Te recomendamos que visites a un médico de cabecera y te derive a un neurólogo para quien sea este especialista quien diagnostique si sufres o no perdidas severas de memoria.
      ¡un saludo!

  3. Avatar
    Edith Parrales Tuesday August 6th, 2019 at 09:19 PM

    buenas tardes, donde puedo comprar este tipo de ejercicios para trabajar con adultos mayores

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