Todas las ventajas de crear usuarios en NeuronUP

Advantages of creating patients in the NeuronUP platform


How many systems do you use to save your patients’ reports, their files, their evolution, you session notess? In this post we explain you all the advantages of creating patients and using the patient management feature on the NeuronUP platform.

Advantages of creating patient profiles on NeuronUP:

  1. You can group and organize your patients’ information.
  2. You will assign activities and the results will be saved instantly in their profile.
  3. You will be able to create sessions and personalized programs for that patient.
  4. You will have a clearer screen view, being able to focus on the information specific to that patient.
  5. When you choose a patient, you will see in the calendar only the sessions and programs that belong to that him/her.
  6. You will have a personalized view of the results of that patient
  7. You will be able to work remotely with that patient
  8. You can work with several patients at once

Group and organize your patients’ information

NeuronUP allows you to have all the information about your patients in one place, their reports, medical tests, notes, agenda, activity results, etc. Everything, grouped and organized in a single place, always accessible and safe. In addition, it allows you to maintain the confidentiality of your users.

In the following video you will see how easy it is to create a patient

Work Remotely

Todas las ventajas de crear usuarios en NeuronUP - telerrehabilitación

Confinement due to the health crisis, your patients’ holidays, their long working hours, the distance from your workplace or their mobility problems will no longer be a limitation on being able to do your job.

NeuronUP allows you to work with your patients at a distance. How? Very easy! Your patient will simply access from the comfort of their own home the sessions that you, the professional, have previously created for them.

You as the professional will be able to see the patient results instantly and analyze them for further action:

  • Average time per exercise ✅
  • Total time of the activity ✅
  • Matches ✅
  • Errors ✅
  • Leveling up or down in difficulty✅

If you haven’t already done so, create your first patient in the platform and start monitoring their results!

Work with several patients at the same time

Todas las ventajas de crear usuarios en NeuronUP

Did you know that you can work with NeuronUP with several patients at the same time? Each patient will work simultaneously in different devices at no additional cost. To do this you must create a patient and assign sessions to them. This functionality will allow you to save time and, besides, you won’t have to worry about regulating the level of each of those patient. The platform regulates the session activities at the level of each one of the patients!

You can organize the sessions by areas of intervention or by phases of an illness for example, it will allow you to add the same session to different patient at the same time. This is especially useful when working with several patient with similar characteristics. Sessions in their standard configuration are self-regulating at the patient level, so even if everyone has the same session, everyone will do it at their own pace.

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Todas las ventajas de crear usuarios en NeuronUP
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Todas las ventajas de crear usuarios en NeuronUP
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