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Celebrities help normalize mental health problems


A new trend is emerging in the seemingly perfect world of celebrities, and that is that in recent years the number of celebrities who have decided to open up to public opinion and expose their mental health problems has multiplied exponentially.

Mental Health Issues at the Center of the Conversation

From actors to musicians to soccer players have decided to do their bit for the transcendental cause of eliminating the stigma that reigns around the figure of the psychologist. The fear of being labeled is a brake for many people, when the fact of going to a specialist does not imply being crazy.

There are already many who have launched to tell their experience, thus initiating a dialogue on mental health very positive for society.

The statements of personalities such as Angelina Jolie, who suffered depression and made the decision to ask for help to change the course of her life, Elton John, who did not let bulimia win his battle, Adam Levine and the ADHD he suffers, or Brad Pitt and his fight against depression, are just some examples that in addition to raising awareness of the importance of treating mental health problems, help to make them visible.

Some of the celebrities who have contributed to the cause

Lady Gaga, who was sexually abused at age 19, underwent dialectical behavioral therapy, which helped her overcome the post-traumatic stress trauma she experienced and radically reduced the pain that plagued her, allowing her to lead the life she desired.

problemas de salud mental, Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that he suffers from OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, since childhood, and although he claims to have it under control, he has acknowledged having gone through very difficult times. OCD is characterized by obsessions, thoughts that are a nuisance, leading to perform certain rituals known as compulsions in order to alleviate anxiety. It is a condition that limits the person daily and erodes their quality of life. In spite of suffering this disorder, he has managed to become one of the best actors of his generation, and for many, the best.

The singer Demi Lovato, prone to speak publicly about the various mental health problems she has suffered, is a symbol, giving voice to thousands of people who suffer from bipolar disorder and launching the message that based on much work it is possible to live with the disease.

problemas de salud mental, Jim Carrey

The suicide of his ex-girlfriend, of which he was unjustly blamed, and which was later proven innocent, caused the acclaimed actor Jim Carrey to enter into a deep depression and one of the darkest stages of his life. In 2017 he managed to overcome it thanks to the help of a professional, something that he claims has changed the way he sees life.

The famous sportscaster/videogamer Ibai Llanos is no stranger to mental health issues. As a young man, when fame was beginning to be part of his life, he began to suffer from crippling anxiety. He tried different treatments, but it was a psychologist who helped him face his problems and find solutions. The frequent Youtuber sends a message of hope and encourages people to seek help.

problemas de salud mental, María Pombo

Maria Pombo, the fashionable Spanish influencer, told how anxiety had taken hold of her in recent months to the point that she had to seek the help of a psychiatrist, with whom she continues to work. She defends the importance of taking care of the mind and not feeling ashamed about it.

Finally, the hero of the World Cup that Spain won, Andrés Iniesta, confessed that a series of events put him in a black hole from which he could come out reinforced with the help of different specialists. Honoring his philosophy, he got up and fought again.

In fact, there are many athletes who work with a coach to increase their performance and exercise the mental part, as is the case of the vast majority of tennis players.

The need to raise awareness of mental health issues

There are more and more people who need psychological care but only 5 out of 100 Spaniards receive treatment. For this reason, the experts propose to fight against the shortage of information, transferring the message, in different areas such as school and workplace, that going to a specialist is highly beneficial. In the end, it is a professional who will guide you in making new decisions that will improve your life.

On the other hand, you have to be aware that it is not possible to be happy at all times, in fact if it were, we would not know what happiness is.

We are before a phenomenon that contributes decisively to normalize something so inherent to the human being as the emotions and to promote that people with problems ask for help, which results in a benefit for the society and the public health.

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Los famosos contribuyen a normalizar los problemas de salud mental
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Los famosos contribuyen a normalizar los problemas de salud mental
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