La rehabilitación y estimulación cognitiva con nuevas tecnologías

Rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation with new technologies


Neuropsychologist, PhD in Neurosciences and Director of Neuropsychological Services of the Caribbean (SNC), Ivan Cadena, explains how they perform rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation with new technologies in their center in Colombia.

La rehabilitación y estimulación cognitiva con nuevas tecnologíasCaribbean Neuropsychological Services (CNS) is located in the north of Colombia, in the city of Cartagena. It was born from the need to be able to provide not only evaluation, but also rehabilitation to people with brain damage, whether they are in childhood or in old age fundamentally.

When we refer to children, we point out that we have been working for the last five years on learning disorders, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit or intellectual disability.

When we talk about older adults, we refer to neurocognitive disorders due to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke or other neurocognitive impairment.

What has interested us from the beginning, beyond the evaluation, is to be able to provide alternative solutions to our patients in terms of designing and implementing a neurorehabilitation plan that will allow them to have a better quality of life for themselves and their family.

Rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation with new technologies: Brain Technology

Well, at SNC we use different brain technology equipment for stimulation and rehabilitation at the service of the different pathologies mentioned above. The equipment we use is mentioned below:


Neurofeedback works for the treatment of a wide range of problems and is characterized by the management of deregulation in the distribution of brain rhythms. Through the process of visualization and control of brain waves, it is possible to regulate the state of excitation or inhibition of the brain. This allows to directly treat the cause of the problems and not their symptoms.

Light and sound neurostimulation

Likewise, we use light and sound neurostimulation, which is carried out through a rehabilitation equipment of unsuspected scope and high effectiveness. It is an audiovisual system of brain training with the latest technology clinically proven. Neural waves are modified and the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms manipulate them (frequency tracking response), allowing the organism to feel and think as its own the induced state. The simultaneous and coherent use of the brain hemispheres is stimulated through binaural and semicircular sounds of proprietary technology.

Transcranial infrared light stimulation

Following the use of brain technology, we employ transcranial infrared light stimulation. It’s a revolutionary new piece of neurotechnology. A powerful device that has ultra-enhanced transcranial clusters and updated microchip LED drive technology. This leads to triple the power density being a refined form factor that fits a wider variety of head shapes and sizes. Today, this equipment is capable of extracting one of the highest amounts of energy from a pulsed infrared LED source, by incorporating microchip technology within the intranasal diode.


But the most interesting thing that we are using, and it is a deadly combination with the previous equipment, is the use of the neurorehabilitation platform NeuronUP. This platform allows that once the brain has been electrically stimulated (which can also be called passive stimulation), it can be exercised actively through the various and extensive exercises that the platform has.  The usefulness of this platform is very wide since it manages, among other things, to stimulate the different cognitive domains and their sub-domains or sub-processes.

For example, it is not only the possibility of exercising attention, but also sustained, selective or alternating attention. This is the case with the other neuropsychological domains or processes such as memory, executive functions, language, gnosis or praxis.

La rehabilitación y estimulación cognitiva con nuevas tecnologías
A child working on a NeuronUP activity

Rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation with new technologies: telerehabilitation with NeuronUP

In addition to the above, NeuronUP has been very beneficial for the center in these times of confinement, as it has allowed the design of sessions with access to home. The patient, in the comfort of his or her home, can perform the training. While the professional, connected by zoom, google meet or Skype, can monitor 100% of the session as if he or she were in the office.

In the same way, NeuronUP offers ample and complete information of the patient’s results. This facilitates the analysis of the users’ evolution and guides the professional on the path to follow in the rehabilitation process.

The benefits that NeuronUP has brought to our clinic are diverse. Our patients, their families and even colleagues say so. They recognize the technical, professional and scientific importance of the platform for a truly comprehensive plan that allows a better quality of life for those who come to Caribbean neuropsychological services (CNS).

There is no better gain than the happiness drawn on the face of someone who evidences positive results, and of that happiness NeuronUP is an accomplice.

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La rehabilitación y estimulación cognitiva con nuevas tecnologías
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La rehabilitación y estimulación cognitiva con nuevas tecnologías
El Director de Servicios neuropsicológicos del Caribe Iván Cadena, explica cómo realizan la rehabilitación y estimulación cognitiva con nuevas tecnologías.
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    Me gustaria saber si este tratamienti funciona psra personas con Alzheimer

    • NeuronUP Tuesday September 1st, 2020 at 04:40 PM

      Hola, Isola:

      NeuronUP es una plataforma de estimulación cognitiva pensada para trabajar con personas con Alzheimer. Pero siempre a través de un profesional. Si eres un profesional y estás interesada en probar NeuronUP, puedes solicitar una prueba gratuita de NeuronUP en este enlace:

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