Nosotros no hacemos magia

We can´t do magic


I´ve read some days ago a piece of news about a company developing and selling cognitive stimulation software has been fined 2,5 million dollars by US Government. It didn´t strike me.

As a professional with clinical experience, and who now develops and sells with his team NeuronUP, I am very clear that this trend to skip professionals and putting instead automatic systems without professional intervention only gives profit to the company´s P&L. It´s a way to cut costs.

We can´t do magic

Cognitive stimulation tools alone can´t create strategies. In our presentations, we always repeat that if the professional working with NeuronUP is not good, we can´t do magic.

We professionals are still indispensable to work with cognitive stimulation, and stimulation platforms like ours are only another tool for professionals to work with their patients. Platforms themselves can´t do rehab.

Let´s promise what we can achieve and please do not give false hopes to people willing to listen to nice and inspiring words. Let´s work for it. Our customers are real people. But always remember that neither you as professionals, nor us as a stimulation software do magic. Even we try it hard everyday.

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