Jornada sobre conducción de vehículos tras un daño cerebral

Conference on Driving after Brain Damage


The Beata Maria Ana Hospital will be holding a course regarding driving after brain damage on October 15.

Objective of the course on driving after brain damage

Jornada sobre conducción de vehículos tras un daño cerebral 2

Driving is one of the instrumental activities of daily life that we identify with our autonomy and freedom. The sequels derived from brain damage can interfere with this capacity, which implies a special responsibility for neurorehabilitation professionals.

On a social level, we have to collaborate with road safety by advising patients and their families about the limitations derived from any damage done; in our role as rehabilitators we are committed to the recovery of the capacity of the neurorehabilitation.

This conference analyses the clinical, legal and training aspects of driving after brain damage.



  • 09:00 Delivery of documentation
  • 09:30 Presentation of the Conference
    • Sister Carmen Martín. Councillor of Centers, HHSCJ, Province of Spain.
    • Mrs. Olga Ginés. Managing Director, Beata María Ana Hospital.
    • Representative of the DGT (Directorate-General for Traffic).
  • 09:45-11:15 Roundtable 1: After-effects of ABI that impact the ability to drive vehicles.
    • Moderator: Mr. José Antonio Larraz. Director of the Welfare and Educational Area, HHSCJ, Province of Spain
    • Sensory alterations and epilepsy. Dr. Juan Pablo Romero. Neurologist, Beata María Ana Hospital.
    • Cognitive performance in driving vehicles. Dr. Leandro Di Stasi. UGR. Research Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior (Granada)
    • Motor disability that affects the ability to drive vehicles. Dr. Paulina Oliva. Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hospital Beata María Ana.
  • 11:15-12:15 Mesa 2: Round table 2: Legislation and assessment by the evaluation centers.

    • Moderator: Dr. J.I. Quemada. Director Menni Brain Injury Network
    • Spanish legal framework affecting driving after a brain injury . Mrs. Elena Valdés. DGT Medical Assessor.
    • The evaluation of the ability to drive after an ABI. Mr. Enrique Miravet. Spanish Society of Traffic Medicine.




  • 12:15—12:45. Coffee break
  • 12:45-14:30 Roundtable 3: Retraining to drive after an ABI
    • Moderator: Dr. Marcos Ríos. Cerebral Damage Unit Coordinator, Beata María Ana Hospital.
    • Experience with driving simulators, field of action. Dr. Álvaro Bilbao. Neuropyschologist CEADAC.
    • Personal experience. Mr. Enrique Criado. FEDACE
    • Adaptations and retraining of driving for people with disabilities. Mr. José María Andrés y Mrs. Iratxe Andrés. Driving School Irrintzi
  • Lunch.

Registration for the day on driving after brain damage

  • 20 euros.
  • Limited places.

Form of payment

By bank transfer, in any branch of BANKIA to the current account ES16 2038 1163 1560 0001 3041 in favor of HOSPITAL BEATA MARÍA ANA.

In order to formalize the inscription, once the payment has been made, an e-mail must be sent to: [email protected]

The email must contain the following information:

  • Name and Surnames
    Work center.
    File attached with proof of payment.


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