Actividades personalizadas para aumentar la motivación de tus usuarios

Customized cognitive stimulation activities to increase your patients’ motivation


Do you find it difficult to keep your users motivated? Does it take hours to create stimulating activities for each of them? In this post we explain you how to create personalized activities with NeuronUP to increase the motivation of your patients.

How to create personalized activities with NeuronUP?

NeuronUP allows you to personalize the activities to adapt them to the characteristics and needs of your patients and increase their motivation.

For example, if you are working on a word search with a senior citizen with grandchildren, make the grandkids’ names the focus of the puzzle. The familiarity of the names makes them focus more on the objectives of the exercise.

Personalize word find puzzles
NeuronUP activity “Word Search”

Also, in the Put Numbers in Order activity patients have to order a series of numbers from lower to higher or vice versa, as indicated in the instructions for the activity. With this exercise patients will work on processing speed, that is, the ability to perform tasks smoothly.

Actividades personalizadas para aumentar la motivación de tus usuarios
Personalization of the NeuronUP activity:  “Put Numbers in Order”

As shown, the generators create infinite and totally customized activities so that the patient does not have to work the same exact exercise over and over again which helps increase motivation.

Advantages of customizing activities with NeuronUP

  1. You increase the motivation of your patients.
  2. You can adapt the level parameters to the patient’s deficit.
  3. More ecological validity, meaning that training and rehabilitation done in clinic will transfer over to real life activities.
  4. You save time. In just five minutes you can create infinite and totally personalized activities from the same exercise.
  5. You can save your customizations and access them whenever you want.

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