Divertido juego para trabajar la atención selectiva con niños

Fun game to work on selective attention with children


This week we’re not just releasing one new activity, but two! Both for the kiddos! Search and you will find! and Make up a story with images.

Read on to learn how to make the most out of the new activities:

1. Search and you will find!, a fun game to work on selective attention

Today we present to you the new children’s game Search and you will find!

How is it played?

The children have to look for a series of specific elements among a set. But be careful, it is more complex than it seems because the objects are piled up on top of one another.

In the following example of a medium level, the child will have to look for the animals that are indicated above and take them to the farm:


What cognitive functions does this activity work?

This activity works selective attention.

Personalize this game

As a professional, you will be able to customize the game according to the age and personal abilities of each of your patients. In this sense, you will be able to choose::

  • The number of elements
  • The number of items to search for
  • Maximum errors

In addition, you can also customize: the number of exercises (total, passed, acceptable and failed), the maximum time, an inactivity warning and whether or not to show a timer.

Likewise, as in all NeuronUP games, Search and and you will Find! is organized by phases and the children will go up or down in level according to their successes or errors.


You can also choose adaptability. That is, if you want the child to work on this activity through dragging or clicking.

2. Make up a Story with Images, the printable activity to work on reasoning with children

Another new activity this week is the printable activity for kids called Make up a story with Images.

How is it played?

It consists of creating a story by relating various given elements. Here we are testing creativity and imagination!

For example, in the following card, the children have to make up a story in which some balloons, a gift and a birthday cake appear.

What cognitive functions does this activity works?

This worksheet works reasoning as a main function and as a secondary function expression.

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