Alphabetical Word Order Activity


Today we present an activity to order alphabetically words that you will love. It’s called Sort the Words Alphabetically.  A basic activity to work on how to order different concepts, which had been requested by two professionals from different centres: Roser Fernández from the Aura Foundation, in Barcelona, and Silvia Canal from the Los Nogales Imperial Residence, in Madrid.

¿How to play Sort the Words Alphabetically?

Patients will have to order words alphabetically, as shown in the following video:

Activity of daily living

This activity can be applied in daily life to:

  • Order different concepts.
  • Fill in forms where they are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Locate names in a list.
  • Find books in a library

What cognitive function does this activity of alphabetizing words work?

Main Function

This activity mainly works on working memory. The user goes through the alphabet in his mind and chooses the words he touches.

Secondary functions

  • Semantic memory because he must know the alphabet.
  • Reading because the user has to identify the letters and become familiar with them.

Customize activity

Remember that you can customize this generator to suit each user’s capabilities.

General aspects

You will be able to adjust general aspects such as the type of operation, the maximum time, whether or not you want a visible stopwatch for the activity and a warning of inactivity or modify the instructions for carrying out the activity.


And, on the other hand, the parameters, where you can choose:

  • The number of words
  • The words: you can choose them to be random, on a specific theme or choose them yourself according to the tastes or needs of your patients.


You can also choose the side view so that the presentation of the words is on one side or the other of the screen. This way, if the patient is left-handed or has a mobility problem, it will be much more comfortable for him to work on the tablet.

Also available on paper

This alphabetical word sorting generator is also available to work on paper. You can customize it, print it and use it with each of your patients.

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