NeuronUP y Yetitablet se alían por la neurorrehabilitación

NeuronUP and Yetitablet join forces to advance neurorehabilitation


NeuronUP and Yetitablet join forces to advance neurorehabilitation. Our cognitive stimulation platform has found the perfect ally to provide quality cognitive rehabilitation in this Finnish startup that specializes in the manufacturing of tablets.

NeuronUP y Yetitablet se alían por la neurorrehabilitación

What is a Yetitablet?

The Yetitablet is an intuitive, versatile and high-performance giant tablet created by Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen, co-founders of the Finnish company Kuori. The couple are parents of 3 children with Asperger’s who struggled for years to help their children learn and communicate with the world. In 2015, they came to notice that interactive lessons in multimedia classrooms played a crucial role in helping their children learn, focus and communicate better, and they took on the challenge of creating the Yetitablet.

Today, the Yetitablet has become more than an educational tool. It can be used in different industries including business, transportation, tourism, construction, education, and healthcare.

“Developing the Yetitablet is a way for us to help our autistic children connect with the world. More than a business, it’s a personal mission that we have to do.”

Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen

+Information about the Yetitablet

NeuronUP and Yetitablet

The therapist Bea de Juan, who works at the Centro San Rafael of the Fundación Francisco de Borja, tells us about her experience using NeuronUP on the Yetitablet:

“The size of the tablets and the fact that clients can use them while standing up greatly favors their independence,” says Bea de Juan.

“Using NeuronUP on these devices is much better,” says the therapist.

NeuronUP and Yetitablet, together in conferences

The two companies have now been collaborating for several months. We have presented NeuronUP with the help of these devices at several conferences, meetings, and events:


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