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El País presents the Neuroscience and Psychology collection

Understanding our minds helps us know ourselves better. Given this premise, the Spanish newspaper El País presents the Neurociencia y Psicología (“ Neuroscience and Psychology ”) collection, which brings together experts in both fieldsto offer a scientific perspective on human beings.

This collection, directed by Tomás Ortiz Alonso, professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), seeks to deepen our knowledge of the mind and how the brain works.

Collection developed by experts in Neuroscience and Psychology

The collection is composed of 40 volumes written by prominentauthors such as Camilo José Cela Conde, professor of Anthropology and director of the laboratory of Human Systematics at the University of the Balearic Islands (Spain); Francisco J. Ayala, member of the National Academy of Sciences (USA); Alberto Ferrús, director of the laboratory of Neurogenetics at the Instituto Ramón y Cajal (Madrid, Spain);and Helena Matute, PhD in Psychology and professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), among others.

Volume titles in the Neuroscience and Psychology collection

Neurociencia y Psicología - Neuroscience and Psychology

  1. We are ourmemories. Remembering and forgetting.
  2. Emotions and the brain.Feeling, thinking, deciding.
  3. The brain: born or made? Geneticsand environmental factors.
  4. What is intelligence? From IQto the theory of multiple intelligences.
  5. Creating the world. The fascinating journey from the senses to the brain.
  6. Mirror neurons. Learning, imitation, andempathy.
  7. Brain maps. An anatomical walk throughthe thinking machine.
  8. How do we make decisions? The neural mechanisms of choice.
  9. In search of the self. Philosophy of the brain.
  10. Our minds deceive us. Cognitive biases and mistakes we all make.
  11. Evolution of the human brain. A journey amongst fossils and primates.
  12. How does the brain learn?Applying principles of neuroscience to education.
  13. A neuroscientific approach to consciousness.
  14. Personal meanings and sense of identity.
  15. The musical brain. At the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and art.
  16. Is the brain gendered? Desire, gender, and sexual identity.
  17. Neural networks and functional plasticity. How the brain changes and adapts.
  18. Wonderful minds. Psychological and neural fundamentals of high capacity
  19. The unconscious mind. Automatisms of our brain.
  20. The moral brain. How the brain arrives at moral judgements.
  21. Sleep and wakefulness. The brain disconnected.
  22. Stress. What it is and how it affects us.
  23. The mystery of the symbolic mind. Brain, language, and evolution.
  24. Pleasure and reward. The mechanisms of motivation.
  25. Inside a child’s mind. The brain in the early years.
  26. Non-verbal communication. Silent languagebeyond words.
  27. Neuroscience and the soul. A brief history of the brain.
  28. Resilience. Among ugly ducklings andblack swans.
  29. The artistic brain. The neuroscience of creativity.
  30. The teenage brain. Under construction.
  31. Brain chemistry.
  32. The fusion of mind and machine.
  33. Criminal minds.The phenomenology of evil.
  34. Aging brain. Myths and certainties about a universal (and inevitable) process.
  35. Neuroeconomics
  36. Mathematics and neuroscience. A round trip.
  37. Common disorders. Depression, anxiety, and other illnesses of our day.
  38. Eatingsmart.
  39. The dream of reason. How the brain works.
  40. Tactile vision.

Significant information regarding the Neuroscience and Psychology collection

How many volumes are included in the collection?

The complete collection includes 40 volumes.

On what days is delivered? 

Every Sunday.

How much does it cost? 

Each volume costs 9,95€ plusthe newspaper’s price. Joint and inseparable sale.

For further information about the Neurociencia y Psicología collection by El País, please click on the following link:


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    Como se puede adquirir esta colección

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      Hola Alicia,

      Puedes ponerte en contacto con El País, para solicitarles la colección.

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