ficha infantil de estimación temporal y planificación

New children’s time estimate and planning worksheet


We have a new children’s card to start the week! How much time does it take? It is a time estimate and planning worksheet.

This activity already existed in an adult version and we have adapted it for children per requests by several of our clients. It is ideal for working on common activities in the daily life of children such as preparing their backpack, picking up their toys or taking a shower.

How is this kids time estimation and planning worksheet played?

This children’s time card consists of organizing different activities in an agenda, taking into account the time it would take to do them.

Here’s an example in the following video:​

What cognitive functions does this activity work?

  • The main function that this activity works is time estimation. Sometimes it is difficult for us to calculate the time that things can take and that makes us not organize ourselves well.
  • We also work on planning, as it is also essential to be able to plan in order to organize tasks. In this case, the planning component is not very high, since children do not yet have this capacity very developed, but it is important that they practice it.

Adult version

This activity is available in an adult version under the name Organizing a Timetable.Here is an example of this activity:


Suggestions or comments

Let’s hope you make the most of this activity!!

If you would like to give us your opinion or suggest any new activity, write to us in the platform chat or call us at +1 305-424-8333.

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