Intervención neuropsicológica online

Online neuropsychological intervention in a case with developmental delay


The center “Terapias para todos” (Therapies for all) explains their experience performing online neuropsychological intervention with NeuronUP in a patient with developmental delay.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world had to make important changes in many ways. The Center “Terapias para todos” located in Mexico City was not the exception as we had to adapt to online therapies. With this, the search and integration of online resources began. With the objective that the population that attends our center would not present setbacks with the  diagnoses they have.

In this search for materials and resources we found NeuronUP, a tool that allows a cognitive intervention according to the needs of each patient. The use of this tool has allowed us to see very positive advances in our population, such is the case of “E”, a fictitious name that we will give to one of our patients.

“E” is a patient diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorder, this disorder brings with it the manifestation of different alterations in language, learning, attention, memory, executive functions, as well as an impact on social and emotional aspects. Therefore, pausing his intervention during this contingency time was not a viable option since setbacks could occur in all these areas.

Online neuropsychological intervention with “E”

With the help of video call applications we started the online neuropsychological intervention with “E” in April.

In addition to strengthening the cognitive area; it allowed us to better intervene both in emotional and behavioral aspects such as frustration tolerance, turn taking and follow up of instructions.

First month

In the first month of intervention, we started stimulating the attentional areas (selective and sustained) and impulse control; it is worth mentioning that the activities were at a basic-easy level, as well as with a short duration in each of them.

Second month of the online neuropsychological intervention

By the second month with the intervention in the NeuronUP platform, a significant improvement in terms of attentional aspects was beginning to be observed. So it gave us a guideline to continue with the other areas of opportunity in the child. which were started at basic levels.

Patient “E” doing the NeuronUP activity “Hungry Animals”

Third month

During this third month, “E” continues with his online sessions reinforcing attentional areas which are already at an acceptable level for his developmental age.  Working memory and processing speed have also made good progress. There is also an improvement in social cognition, planning, impulse control, as well as alternate attention and mental flexibility.

Enjoy and stimulate cognitive areas

“E” enjoys his scheduled sessions at NeuronUP. Therefore, it not only allows “E” to enjoy and play with the activities but, at the same time; it stimulates the cognitive areas. And for us as specialists, it allows us to adapt the sessions according to the performance and progress of the child.

“We will continue after confinement with NeuronUP”

Finally, although soon there will be the possibility of having the face-to-face sessions in “Terapias para todos”, we do not want to leave aside the use of this tool because apart from being fun it has a lot of materials ideal for the effective intervention of patients.


  • Ximena Gutiérrez Rodríguez: Degree in Human Communication
    Gabriela López Bazán: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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