Estrenamos generador infantil para trabajar la memoria semántica

New generator for children to work on semantic memory – Tidy Up the Mess


This week at  NeuronUP we debut a new kids generator to work semantic memory.

How is it played?

The child has to relate the images to their corresponding categories.

In addition, the categories are related to elements of everyday life: leisure, clothes, musical instruments, animals, school materials, etc.

See the following video for an example of how to play ‘Tidy up the mess’! 👇

What cognitive functions does this activity work?

This activity works semantic memory, which is where we store general information about the world.

Also available on paper

‘Tidy up the Mess’is also available in paper format.

Application in daily life

Semantic memory is fundamental to being able to function in our daily lives. For example, when children go to the supermarket to buy bread, they must know how to go to the bakery section or how to order their clothes logically and then find the garment they want.

Based on a worksheet for adults

‘Tidy up the mess’ is the kids’ version of  ‘Organization by Categories’.

The difference is that, in the adult version, instead of pictures there are words. Patients have to put each word in its corresponding category.

Suggestions or comments

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Please 🙏, help us to improve and when you try this new activity tell us if you find it useful!

The NeuronUP team

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