Cognitive Rehabilitation

NeuronUP renews its website

NeuronUP presents a more visual and innovative web design. NeuronUP renews its website with a more visual and innovative design. This first renovation focuses primarily on three key sections: the explanation of cognitive rehabilitation, NeuronUP2GO

NeuronUp Kids is here!

NeuronUP continues to grow and this time the protagonists are the youngest members of the family. From today we offer you NeuronUP Kids, a new package of cognitive rehabilitation activities for children. This first package of

We don’t believe in videogames. About ecological validity in neuropsychological rehabilitation

Last month we had the opportunity to share ideas regarding neuropsychological rehabilitation and new technologies with a lot of professionals at the INS Mid-Year Meeting in Amsterdam. It was a very interesting meeting in

NeuronUP from another point of view: the final users.

 “Seems to be made for me” (comment made by a former user from CEADAC  who attended the NeuronUP presensation). This past Friday, we had the pleasure of presenting our online platform at the Spanish

NeuronUP opens a new section: Additional Resources

NeuronUP opens a new section: Additional Resources. New and diverse images, sounds and material that will help you create your own activities. At NeuronUP we are aware of the importance of personalized neuropsychological rehabilitation.