Executive Functions

Executive functions: what they are, types, and how to improve them

Executive functions are higher-order skills involved in the energization, regulation, sound execution and on-line readjustment of goal-directed behaviors (Verdejo-García & Bechara, 2010). In other words, the executive functions are the “tools” that guide our

NeuronUp Kids is here!

NeuronUP continues to grow and this time the protagonists are the youngest members of the family. From today we offer you NeuronUP Kids, a new package of cognitive rehabilitation activities for children. This first package of

A Approach to Asperger´Syndrom on its International Day

  In recent years the number of diagnoses of “Asperger´s Syndrome” has increased, a pathology on which there are still many issues that need to be resolved. Coinciding with the celebration of the International