Back To School With Four New Activities For Kids

The Back to School reaches NeuronUP with four activities for cognitive exercises for children. A game and three generators focused on basic language and mathematics. Firstly, we present “Find Toby”, a game in which

We all are eHealth

Last week we attended the I Tomando el Pulso a la Salud Digital Meeting (Checking the Pulse of eHealth) organized by the eHealth Association. For those who don´t know it, this Association´s objective is

We can´t do magic

I´ve read some days ago a piece of news about a company developing and selling cognitive stimulation software has been fined 2,5 million dollars by US Government. It didn´t strike me. As a professional

We don’t believe in videogames. About ecological validity in neuropsychological rehabilitation

Last month we had the opportunity to share ideas regarding neuropsychological rehabilitation and new technologies with a lot of professionals at the INS Mid-Year Meeting in Amsterdam. It was a very interesting meeting in

The new cognitive rehab technologies: six essential principles

We suggest six principles that should guide the elaboration of a tech-tool for cognitive rehabilitation. These principles aren´t concrete, but they produce better results in our clinical practice and therefore in the effectiveness of