How to Create a Clinical Intervention Adapted to your Patients

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We’re pleased to show you how to easily set up a clinical intervention adapted to the needs of your patients!


This training will be hosted by Brian, our International Marketing and Communications Director, with the idea of trying to show you how to use NeuronUP in your clinic to save you time and create an intervention specific to the needs of each and every one of your patients.  Covering the five sections of the platform, activities, sessions, programs, results and patients that will help you quickly create a quality neurorehabilitation intervention, this presentation will take around 50-60 minutes.

It will be a must see webinar if you’ve just subscribed to NeuronUP or just want to know how it works before diving into the platform head first!  Don’t miss out!

Sign up to any of the sessions below!  If the day or times don’t work for you, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll try to set up a private webinar at a convenient time for you!

  Tuesday April 07 2020

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Included in the online training course

·     Introduction to the NeuronUP platform

·     Managing the activities, worksheets and games used for cognitive stimulation.

·     Managing and tracking your patients in the platform.

·     Creating and planning sessions

·     Planning programs for rehabilitative intervention


For professionals working in psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy to learn how to effectively use NeuronUP in their practice.


Typical online training sessions last between 50-60 minutes.