Generador para trabajar la velocidad de procesamiento con niños

Generator to work processing speed with children


We have a new activity! Introducing ‘From smallest to largest’, a generator to work processing speed with children.

How is it played?

Children need to determine the size ratio between a series of drawings as quickly as possible.

(Don’t worry, the activities are in English too!)




Based on a NeuronUP worksheet

This generator to work on processing speed in children is based on a worksheet bearing the same name, ‘From smallest to largest’. This is one of NeuronUP’s most widely used children’s worksheets and therefore we wanted to make an effort to also offer this exercise in the form of a generator. From now on, professionals will be able to create infinite and personalized activities of the exercise ‘From smallest to largest’.

Differences between the worksheet and the generator

There are important differences between the worksheet and the ‘From smallest to largest’ generator. On the one hand, the worksheet has different levels of difficulty (basic, easy, medium, difficult and advanced) and the professional is in charge of deciding which level is the one that best adapts to each user.

On the other hand, the generator consists of an application that generates infinite activities and that you can also customize according to the needs of each child.

Both are available in digital format and on paper.

Personalization of the activity

You can customize the generator to work with children’s processing speed ‘From minor to major’ to suit the individual capabilities of each user.


You’ll be able to adjust the general aspects such as the type of operation, the maximum time, whether or not you want a visible timer for the activity and an inactivity warning, modify the instructions, etc.


Specific to this activity, you can select the number of elements, the difference in size, the category of elements and the number of errors.

In the following video you will see step by step how to customize this generator:



What cognitive function does this activity work?

This activity works processing speed. That is, it is about the child performing tasks as quickly as possible.



Suggestions or comments

We hope you make the most out of this activity!!!

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