NeuronUP inaugura nueva sección: Recursos Extras

NeuronUP opens a new section: Additional Resources


NeuronUP opens a new section: Additional Resources. New and diverse images, sounds and material that will help you create your own activities.

At NeuronUP we are aware of the importance of personalized neuropsychological rehabilitation. We believe that rehab should greatly adapt to the needs and demands of every subject, so we create tools to help the professional reach this objective.

This is the objective of this new section, complementary to the main work area. As in the main work area, we have four types of activity formats (activities, games, simulators, and content generators) that are created and designed by our specialists to meet specific targets. In the Additional Cognitive Rehabilitation Resources area, professionals will find a wide array of materials and tools to be able to plan and create their own activities or that may help their daily therapies (images, sounds, texts, and visual aids among others). They all contain appealing designs that will help keep their sessions interesting and varied. Why? Because who else but the therapist knows which activities or aids are better suited for the particular benefit of a particular patient, case or specific therapy.


In Additional Cognitive Rehabilitation Resources area we try to make the therapist´s work easier by saving him/her time by gathering, classifying, and organizing materials that they can easily find when they need them.

Like all the content in the platform, this section will be also be updated and upgraded as we continue expanding.

Suggestion to improve Cognitive Rehabilitation Resources

If you have any suggestions or ideas about our content you’d like to see in NeuronUP, please don´t hesitate to write to us at [email protected].

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