ficha de estimulación cognitiva 'Actos según números' en formato digital

Actions according to numbers news piece


‘Actions According to Numbers’ has always been available to be printed to paper and starting today you can also work it digitally.  Pull it up on your computer, tablet or other device and take a look! 🥳

How is it played?

Depending on the number you land on will determine your next move.  Follow the instructions and make it to the end of the road.

See in the following video how to play Actions According to Numbers!

What cognitive functions does this activity work?

Principle Function

  • Processing Speed: this is the cognitive function primary worked in this activity as the patient has to try to finish the activity as quickly as possible.

Secondary Functions

  • Working memory: because they need to work the activity all the while keeping in mind the instruction that each number has attached to it.
  • Alternating Attention:  due to that the instructions are changing.
  • Inhibition: the patient has to control the impulse to pass over one number to another without thinking.

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