Principales ventajas de la intervención cognitiva 3.0

Advantages of the Intervention 3.0


It’s been 16 years since we changed the millennium. Our present was the distant future a few years ago, where the imagination proposed advances in all facets of our lives: travel, medicine and, why not, education.

Today we can say that these advances are already reality, there are already intelligent schools like the SEK institution, which offers in its center in Barcelona:

  • Intelligent classrooms: equipped with technology and a wide variety of teaching resources.
  • Maker Space: a place where students have the possibility to create, explore and carry out their own creations with the supervision of their teachers from different areas.
  • Robotics classrooms: where students exploit their creativity while learning by experimenting, practicing their skills in groups or acquiring programming knowledge

As in education, the future has also come to psycho-pedagogical intervention. Today we have various programs that optimize intervention with patients. At Centro de Estudios Aspe we work with Cognitiva Escolar (online program for the rehabilitation of dyslexia, dyscalculia, reading comprehension, mathematical problem solving, as well as reflexivity at work) and NeuronUP (program with online support for neuropsychological rehabilitation of attention, memory, executive functions, as well as activities for daily life). Both programs complement each other and offer our patients the following advantages.


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  • PERSONALIZATION: We get patients to work 100% of their time in their optimal learning zone, thus eliminating very easy or difficult activities, because the intelligent motors of NeuronUP and School Cognitive adapt the activity to the patient’s rhythm.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Working with School Cognitive and NeuronUP facilitates the follow-up of the patients, since the time of sessions worked both in the center and at home, as well as the progress in the treatment, is registered and facilitates the reports for the families.
  • VALIDATION: Both programs are supported by scientific committees of recognized prestige.
  • VARIETY: Both programs have thousands of different exercises, which increases the interest and motivation of our patients.
  • FLEXIBILITY: These programs allow us to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so our patients can take advantage of their free time, which allows us more time to intervene.
  • COMFORT: With these programs the comfort for the families is much greater since the displacements to the center as well as the times of wait in the center are reduced.
  • PROFITABILITY: Working with these programs reduces the cost of the treatments for the families, without affecting the quality and follow-up of the treatments.

Since January 2016, 43 students have been working with these programs and, on a daily basis, we can see how they improve in the different areas of intervention that are proposed. We are currently quantifying how they improve in relation to academic results, as well as in relation to standardized evaluation tests, results that we will share from September and those that we are convinced guarantee the reliability of NeuronUP and Cognitiva Escolar as neuropsychological intervention programs for students between 3 and 16 years old.




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