Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla nominado a ser miembro de la junta directiva del INS

Juan Carlos Arango has been nominated to serve as Member-at-Large on the INS


The prestigious neuropsychologist Juan Carlos Arango, a regular contributor to NeuronUP and speaker at the NeuronUP Academy, has been nominated to serve as Member-at-Large on the INS (International Neuropsychological Society). Congratulations, Juan!

In the coming days the voting members of the INS are called to vote on the names of the professionals they want to be on the INS board. At NeuronUP we know the value of Juan Carlos Arango both personally and academically. We therefore want to show our support for his nomination and encourage the voting members of the INS to give him their vote and elect him as a member.

About INS

Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla nominado a ser miembro de la junta directiva del INS - Juan Carlos Arango has been nominated to serve as Member-at-Large on the INSINS is a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to promoting the collaborative, interdisciplinary, and global study of brain-behavior relationships with emphasis on science, education, and the applications of scientific knowledge.

Founded in 1967, INS has more than 4300 members from more than 60 different countries. Members include cognitive and clinical neuropsychologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, speech and language pathologists, as well as students from some of the world’s most prestigious universities and institutions.

INS holds meetings in February and July each year offering cutting edge scientific programming and continuing education workshops. INS is “where the world meets,” and is the premier scientific and educational meeting venue for international neuropsychology. For more information about INS, visit us at www.the-ins.org.


  • Edward de Haan (NL)
  • Skye McDonald (AUS)


    • Juan Carlos Arango (ES)
    • Greg Brown (USA
    • Annelies Cramer (SA)
    • Robin Green (CAN
    • Sarah MacPherson (UK)
    • Shawn McClintock (USA)

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Juan Carlos Arango Asks for the Vote

Dr. Arango was selected from thousands of neuropsychologists from around the world and will be in the final vote with five other leading neuropsychologists who were also selected and who come from the United States, England, South Africa and Canada.

Dr Arango, like the other nominees, wrote a letter asking INS member to vote.

Below we share the letter of Juan Carlos Arango:

Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla nominado a ser miembro de la junta directiva del INS - Juan Carlos Arango has been nominated to serve as Member-at-Large on the INS

Dear INS members, 

My name is Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla. I feel very fortunate to have been nominated to assist in the governance of INS as a member-at-large. Holding a leadership role in the Society, I would emphasize actions that further the development of the field worldwide. This goal for INS stems from my background and professional achievements, which make me an ideal candidate for a board position in a Society like INS, an organization with the capacity to unite dedicated professionals across the globe in common goals to advance neuropsychology.

I am an Ikerbasque Research Professor at BioCruces Health Research Institute in Bilbao, Spain. My research aims to develop, validate, and implement neuropsychological rehabilitation programs that assist individuals with brain injury and their families. As someone who was born in Colombia, South America, and had the opportunity to be educated in Europe and the US, I have first-hand appreciation of the importance of culture in the study of brain function. The multi-cultural educational environments I experienced inspired a passion for learning about other cultures and fostering international collaboration in research. I’ve taught at over 80 institutions on 5 continents and my research network spans 45 countries. Within this network, I’ve been PI of various large international norming studies and organized and chaired many international conferences. I have over 200 publications, including 7 books, and have received numerous early career recognitions. But I am most proud of my work advancing neuropsychology in Latin America. For instance, I am a founding member of the Colombian Neuropsychological Society and serve as a mentor to professionals and students alike in many Spanish-speaking countries.

INS can benefit from my ability to connect professionals from different backgrounds, languages, cultures, and ages. Since becoming a member of INS in 2005, I’ve observed increased interest in involving non-English speaking members. INS must broaden its impact by leveraging the existing diversity among its membership. I believe that my role in the Society as member-at-large would be to create opportunities (through education, mentoring, and research activities) to benefit the integration of all INS members, regardless of country, language, race, gender, etc.Just as the study of brain function have evolved from localized regions to inter-connectedness, INS must evolve in a similar fashion. Future directions of the Society should be focused on developing networks, at professional and personal levels, in order to meet the needs of an ever-more global world.



Here at NeuronUP we want to reiterate our congratulations for Juan Carlos Arango for his nomination, which is the result of this outstanding career and international recognition and we wish him the best in the election. Good luck, Juan!


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