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New Back to School activities on NeuronUP


The return to school comes to NeuronUP with new activities and many improvements enhanced by you, our clients! Here’s a look at the news so you can get the most out of our platform!

1. New digital activity to work episodic memory.

The adult activity Memorization by Forming Pictures now comes in digital format. After its success in the printable format we have improved it, created many more worksheets and digitized it.

How is it played?

The patient has to remember the position of a series of points when forming a drawing with them.

In the following video we show you how to play on a medium level:

​​​What cognitive function does this activity work?

This worksheet works as a main function, episodic memory and in a secondary function, spatial relation, since the patient has to remember the position of a series of points.

Using mnemonic strategy related to memorization, the patient has to create an image in their mind to help them remember where the points are located.

2. New paper-based activity to improve reasoning

The next new item is a paper based activity called, Create a Story with Images

How is it played?

The patient has to invent a story by using several given elements. Here we test creativity and imagination!

We show you an example of an easy level printable sheet of this activity

What cognitive function does this activity work?

This worksheet works reasoning as a main function and secondarily works expression.

Kids’ version

📢 For those who work with children and like this activity, don’t worry!  In a few days we will release the children’s version 😉

3. Audio in the children’s activity “What’s its name?”

At the request of one of our clients, we have added audio to the activity where you can click on the names of the words so that children who cannot read can also do it.

Take a look below at the new audio version of the activity:


4. Edit weight units in “Balance the Bags”

Also at the request of a client, in this case from India, Smridhi Grover from Sensitivity, we have added different mass units for the Balancing the Bags activity.

How to personalize an activity by changing weight units

To apply this customization you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on “Personalized phases”.
  3. Write the name of your customization and click on “Continue”.
  4. Click on parameters.
  5. Choose your mass unit and any other customization you want to make.
  6. Click on “Finish”.

We hope you take advantage of the new activities and improvements made to previous ones!   Pla

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