¡¡¡El 17 de junio lanzamos la nueva web de NeuronUP!!!

On 17 June the updated website will be released!!!


On 15 and 16 June the website may suffer outages

Write this day in red ink on your calendar: Monday 17 June 2019, because…its the day we’re launching the new updates to the platform!

We don’t want you to worry, so we are giving you a heads up about everything to come. Take note!

  • On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 of June we will transfer the data from the current website to the new website and it is necessary that during this process that nobody access the platform during that time. For this reason, on Saturday 15 June the website will remain offline for several hours and on Sunday 16 June the platform may suffer periodic downtime. Don’t worry, all your patient information will be available on the new website! Everything is under control!
  • From Monday 17 June you will be able to access and use the new website and enjoy all the updates and improvements. We are convinced you are going to love it!
  • We are continually offering training up until the release day and will continue to do so after so you can learn first-hand how to work with the new website. In addition, we will be creating short videos to quickly learn whatever aspect of the platform you want to: how to carry out activities, create sessions, create programs, create patients, etc.
  • Any doubts? We are here to help. You choose the method:

We have worked hard on the updates to the website and we want everything to be perfect. Although we are human and everything doesn’t always go perfect so if you see any bugs or errors in the first few days, please be patient with us and we’ll get everything working fit as a fiddle.  We’re excited for the big release and are looking forward to your feedback!


We build NeuronUP together!


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