Past NeuronUP Academies are now available on the platform

Past NeuronUP Academies are now available on the platform


You’ve been asking for them and now they’ve arrived!  Starting today, NeuronUP clients will be able to revisit past NeuronUP Academy presentations.  Whether you want to rewatch or you missed out on the live presentation, you’ll be able to watch them!

Go back and watch and watch Dr. Stephanie Kilakowsky-Hayner’s presentation on mild brain injury.

Now you can go back and watch presentations in English from Kristine Kingsley, Sheldon Herring, Sarah Raskin and more!  Spanish language presentations are available from Javier Tirapu, Pablo Duque, Lucía Zumárraga, Marcos Ríos and many others.  We are happy to have these neurorehabilitation specialists share their experience and knowledge with us starting all the way back in January of 2018 💻.

Past NeuronUP Academies are now available on the platform

How can I watch the pre-recorded NeuronUP Academy videos?

  1. Log into NeuronUP with your UserID and password.
  2. Click on the “Academy” menu at the top of your screen!
  3. From here you’ll be able to watch all the of the past NeuronUP Academy videos as many times you want!  🔝

What is NeuronUP Academy?

NeuronUP Academy is a free online academy for professionals and students working in the world of the cognitive sciences.  Free monthly presentations are given by national and international experts in various topics related to cognitive health.




Why should I continue to attend the live NeuronUP Academy presentations?

During the presentations, attendees will be able to ask questions of the speakers and have a fruitful interprofessional debate.

Use the following link to sign up the the next NeuronUP Academy (In Spanish),  Javier Tirapu:

Suggestions or comments

We hope you get the most out of NeuronUP Academy’s presentations!!!

If you would like to give us your opinion or suggest a new speaker, write us at [email protected], call us at +1 (305) 424-8333 or contact us via chat or any of the usual social networks and we will be happy to help you!

All the best,

The NeuronUP team


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