¡¡¡Tú decides las ponencias de NeuronUP Academy 2019!!!

You Decide The Topics of the Presentations of NeuronUP Academy 2019!!!


NeuronUP Academy is one year old and here at NeuronUP we want to celebrate this anniversary by making you part of its new edition. We want you decide the topics for the presentations and the speakers who will give them in 2019!

Tell us what topics you think should be discussed at NeuronUP Academy and which professionals deserve a place in our academy. Don’t be shy; send us a message to [email protected] .

We will do everything possible so that you can listen to and interact with the respected authorities in the world of neurorehabilitation that most interest you.  Your wishes are fulfilled with NeuronUP!

International speakers

We are very happy with the great reception that our academy of training in cognitive rehabilitation has had in its first year of life, but we want to continue growing. Therefore, this year we will also be featuring international speakers who will be giving their presentations in English.


To tease the newest batch of presenters, we can confirm the appearance of Dr. Sarah Raskin, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Trinity College in Hartford (USA) who will kick off the new year with a lecture on prospective memory.


Little by little we will be announcing more national and international speakers, but for them we need you. Write us at [email protected] and tell us who would you like to see accompany Dr. Raskin in NeuronUP Academy!

Watch NeuronUP Academy 2018’s Presentations Again

Would you like to watch NeuronUP Academy 2018’s presentations again? If you are a NeuronUP client, you can watch the old presentations:

  • Pablo Duque :What does it mean when we speak about transdisciplinarity? The ineuro® model.
  • Lucía Zumárraga: The role of the neuropsychologist in early life care (0-6 years).
  • Marcos RíosPhD in Psychology, Neuropsychologist and coordinator of the Brain Damage Service of the Beata María Ana Hospital
  • Ángel Sánchez Cabeza:Functional repercussions of apraxias. Clinical description and principal assessment and treatment strategies.
  • Elena Muñoz: Transcranial magnetic stimulation in neuropsychological rehabilitation.
  • Rafael Rodríguez: Motor skill reeducation of ideomotor apraxia.
  • Ignacio Sánchez Cubillo: Neuropsychological rehabilitation in children.
  • Ramón Fernández de Bobadilla: Neuropsychological rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease.
  • Aarón Del Olmo: Neuropsychology in Aphasias: Beyond the Classic Syndromes.
  • José López Sánchez: Intensive therapies in neurorehabilitation.
  • Manuel Murie Fernández: Neurorehabilitation, Where, When & Why.

How can I watch the presentations?

  1. Access NeuronUP with your user name and password.
  2. Click on “NeuronUPAcademy.”
  3. Now you can enjoy presentations!

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