NeuronUP vuelve al cole con cuatro nuevas actividades infantiles

Back To School With Four New Activities For Kids


4 New Cognitive Exercises For Children

The Back to School reaches NeuronUP with four activities for cognitive exercises for children. A game and three generators focused on basic language and mathematics.

Firstly, we present “Find Toby”, a game in which the kids have to follow the signals as quickly as possible to find the dog. This exercise is good to work on processing speed, sustained attention, working memory and planning.


The first of the three new generators is “Hide-and-seek with letters“. This activity works on selective attention related to basic language. In this game kids have to look for a specific letter among a group of letters.

On the other hand, “The exact number” is a generator to learn to count, which improve de working memory. The activity is simple and fun: the game will ask the kid to place an exact number of elements in a setting (for example, cows on a farm) and the child has to be able to do it.

The last of the new cognitive exercises for children is “Follow the line”. This exercise is focused to work on the graphomotor skills. This prewriting activity is available in printable format, while the other two activities are available in both formats: printable and digital.

NeuronUP is working to improve NeuronUP Kids, a new package of activities created exclusively for kids. Soon we will launch new activities!

Help us to improve cognitive exercises for children

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