El neuropsicólogo Marcos Ríos realizará una ponencia sobre la lentitud en el procesamiento de la información

The neuropsychologist Marcos Ríos will give a presentation on difficulty in information processing


The PhD in Psychology, Neuropsychologist and coordinator of the Brain Damage Service of the Beata María Ana Hospital, Marcos Ríos, will give a free online presentation on difficulty in information processing on April 25 at NeuronUP Academy. You can sign up now!

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Information of the free online presentation

Title  of the conference: Difficulty in information processing

Date: 04/25/2018


  • New York: 9.30. a. m
  • London: 2.30 p. m

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Marcos Ríos Profile

Marcos Ríos has a PhD in Psychology with a Master in Cognitive Neuropsychology.  His teaching experience at the National Distance Education University (UNED) matches up well with his clinical activities as Head of the Brain Damage Services at the Beata María Ana Hospital. His research activity focuses on the areas of attentionexecutive functions and  speed of processing. He also participates in research projects related to magnetic resonance (structural and functional) at the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid. He is the author of different articles as well as books published both nationally and internationally in the field of neuropsychology, neuroimaging, brain injuries and cognitive processes.

What is NeuronUP Academy?

The platform of neurorehabilitation NeuronUP launches NeuronUP Academy, a training academy geared towards professionals working in rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation.

This initiative was born with the idea that neurorehabilitation professionals expand their knowledge by attending free training provided by national and international authorities in the field of rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation.


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This online academy is open to all professionals and students involved in processes of rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation and there will be exclusive training for NeuronUP users.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Pablo Duque (finished presentation)
  • Lucía Zumárraga
  • Juan Carlos Arango
  • Marcos Ríos
  • Elena Muñoz
  • Ignacio Sánchez Cubillo
  • Ángel Sánchez Cabeza
  • José López
  • Rafael Rodríguez

In the coming weeks we will announce new speakers!

If you want to know more about NeuronUP Academy speakers, visit the following link: https://blog.neuronup.com/en/neuronup-academy-neurorehabilitation/


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