Segunda ponencia de Javier Tirapu sobre neuropsicología de las funciones ejecutivas

Second presentation by Javier Tirapu on neuropsychology of executive functions


The National Clinical Neuroscience Award, Javier Tirapu, will give the second of two free online lectures on neuropsychology of executive functions for NeuronUP Academy.

This second presentation will take place on November 21 at 3.30 p.m. (time in Spain).

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Information about Javier Tirapu’s presentation

Title of the presentation: Neuropsychology of executive functions. Part 2

Date: Thursday 9 January 2020

Time: 3.30 p. m (hour in Spain)

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Profile of Javier Tirapu

Ponencia gratuita de Javier Tirapu sobre neuropsicologia en funciones ejecutivas
Javier Tirapu

Javier Tirapu Ustárroz is a clinical psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist who works in the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Pamplona.

He has given more than 500 conferences, lectures and courses on neuroscience. He has more than 240 publications and 8 books related to neuropsychology.

He is also a member of the scientific committee and reviewer of 10 scientific journals and director of the neuropsychology area of the neurology journal.

He is professor in 15 master’s degrees on neuropsychology and behavioral neurology in Spain and Latin America. Co-director of the master’s degree in neuropsychology at the Pablo de Olavide University and the master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Co-author of the consensus document on addictions and neuroscience of the Spanish Society of Drug Addiction. Appointed expert consultant for the dementia plan of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

National Clinical Neuroscience Award granted by the National Neuropsychology Consortium in 2012.

His studies have focused mainly on the study of the neuropsychology of the prefrontal cortex and aspects such as intelligence, consciousness, executive functions, emotions and the social brain.

What is NeuronUP Academy?

NeuronUP Academy is a free online training academy for professionals in cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation managed by NeuronUP. This initiative was born with the idea that neurorehabilitation professionals broaden their knowledge by attending free training given by the main national and international references in the field of rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation.

Recommendations for attending the lecture

  • Access from a computer. People accessing from a mobile device may have problems viewing or listening to the lecture due to an insufficient WIFI signal, so we recommend accessing from a desktop or laptop.
  • Use cable connection, if possible instead of WIFI connection.
  • Perform a connection test before joining the lecture. This option is available for each user in the event entry screen.

Confirmed speakers for NeuronUP Academy 2020:

  • Javier Tirapu

More names coming soon!

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4 thoughts on “Second presentation by Javier Tirapu on neuropsychology of executive functions

  1. Cecilia Sunday October 6th, 2019 at 06:54 PM

    No pude ver la primera conferencia . Hay alguna manera de verla. Quizá la hayan grabado .

    • NeuronUP Monday October 7th, 2019 at 09:46 AM

      Hola Cecilia,

      Sentimos mucho que no hayas podido ver la ponencia con normalidad. La formación en directo es gratuita para todo el mundo y con posterioridad los clientes de NeuronUP tendrán acceso en EXCLUSIVA a la formación como una deferencia hacia ellos. Dentro de aproximadamente un mes habilitaremos de nuevo en nuestra plataforma la pestaña “NeuronUP Academy” y nuestros clientes podrán acceder de nuevo a la ponencia.

      Asimismo, el próximo 21 de noviembre tendrá lugar la segunda ponencia de Javier Tirapu. Te dejo el enlace por si quieres apuntarte:

      Aprovecho también para ofrecerte la posibilidad de probar de forma gratuita NeuronUP durante 15 días. Te dejo un link para que puedas completar tu solicitud:

      ¡Gracias de nuevo por tu interés!

      Un saludo 😊

  2. Marisa Wednesday January 8th, 2020 at 05:44 PM

    Buenas tarde! Consulto lo mismo que cecilia: podré acceder Parte 1 de la conferencia de Tirapu sobre Funciones Ejecutivas? Ya que ingresé al link que le has indicado a la colega anterior y no he podido acceder. me interesa ya que me he apuntado para acceder a la Parte 2.

    • NeuronUP Thursday January 9th, 2020 at 09:51 AM

      Buenos días Marisa,

      Los clientes de NeuronUP tienen acceso EN EXCLUSIVA a todas las ponencias pasadas de NeuronUP Academy en la propia plataforma. De este modo, para acceder a la primera ponencia de Javier Tirapu debes ser cliente de NeuronUP.

      Un saludo y gracias por tu interés

      El equipo de NeuronUP

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