¡¡¡Trabaja la memoria semántica con la nueva ficha de NeuronUP!!!

Work semantic memory with the new NeuronUP worksheet!


Today we are releasing a card created to work on semantic memory. Its name is Relate characteristic-item.

How is it played?

Patients have to point out the characteristics that correspond to each element.

Like all NeuronUP worksheets, they are divided by difficulty levels: basic, easy, medium, difficult and advanced.

Take a look at an example of medium level in the following video:

What cognitive function does this activity work?

Relate characteristic-item works semantic memory, that is, knowledge that we have been acquiring throughout our lives about different things; in this particular case, the subject is the properties and characteristics of common things.

Also available in paper format

This worksheet was already available in paper format and now we have digitized it so you can work with your patients in digital format too..

Suggestions or comments

Let’s hope you make the most of this activity!!!

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