The kid’s version of “Hangman” has arrived


The game “Hangman” is one of the most used games in NeuronUP, so, encouraged by your use, we have decided to create a kid’s version so that you can work on this game with kids, as well as updating the design of the adult activity and adding more words.

We remind you that this game consists of guessing the hidden words by choosing one by one the letters that form it.

Kid’s verson

How is it played?

“The Word Guardian” is a game in which children have to discover the hidden word by pressing the letters they want. Watch out, every time they make a mistake, a piece of the tower will fall down!

Play by levels

Remember that you can choose the level of difficulty you want to adapt the activity to the needs and abilities of each child. The more complicated the level, the harder the words to be discovered.

Watch the following video on how to play “The Word Guardian”! 👇


Personalization of the activity

You can customize the activity to suit the individual needs and abilities of each child:

General aspects

You will be able to adjust general aspects such as the number of exercises, the maximum time, whether or not you want a visible stopwatch for the activity and a warning of inactivity, modify the instructions, etc.


And, on the other hand, the parameters, where you can select:

  • The number of clues.
  • The letters given.
  • The word difficulty level: very low, low, medium, high or very high.
  • The case of the letters: upper or lower case. A very useful parameter for children who do not yet recognize all letters well.

In the following video you will see step by step how to customize this game:


What cognitive functions does this activity work?

  • Vocabulary
  • Working Memory



Adult version

We have changed the design of “The Hangman” as suggested by professional Lidia Ugas from the Multipurpose Unit of L’Hospitalet. Lidia explained to us that this game is very useful for their patients, but that she could not use it with some of them because of sensitivity to the subject. That’s why we decided to change the design for the Parthenon. Let’s hope you like it!

Now when the patient makes a mistake, pieces of the reconstructed Parthenon fall off, as shown in the image below:

Llega la versión infantil del "Ahorcado"
Activity”Hangman” de NeuronUP

More words

Also, following the suggestion of several centers, and so that no patient can memorize the words, we have added new words. In total the game has 361 more new words, twice as many as before. By levels they are:

  • Very easy: 43 new words.
  • Easy: 119 new words
  • Stockings: 101 new words
  • Difficult: 66 new words
  • Very difficult: 32 new words



Suggestions or comments

We hope you make the most out of these new activities!!!

If you’d like to comment, make a suggest an activity or give us your opinion about the platform, please write us at [email protected], call us at +1-305-424-8333 or contact us via our social networks!

Please help us improve NeuronUP!

All the best,

The NeuronUP team



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