New kid’s worksheet to work vocabulary


We don’t stop! We’re launching a new children’s card to work on our vocabulary. It’s called is What’s its name? And we know you’re gonna love it!

Many of you have asked for it and we want to deliver, we are working on the language area and reinforcing the paper content of this cognitive function!

How is it played?

The children have to relate each noun to the image that represents it.

At the lower levels, children will find simple, everyday words. But as the level increases, they will find more complex and less frequently used terms in their everyday lives.

An example is shown in the following video:

What cognitive functions does this activity work?

Language is critical for children to communicate. And, therefore, it is very important to work on nouns, which are the ones that help us to name everything around us. In the activity What’s its name? children will have to match the names of different elements with their image, thus working on their vocabulary knowledge.

Also available on paper

What’s its name? is also available in paper format.

Suggestions or comments

We hope you make the most of this activity!!

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Please 🙏, help us to improve and when you try this new activity tell us if you find it useful!

All the best,

The NeuronUP team

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