Intervención con NeuronUP en atención

Intervention with NeuronUP in attention


An attention intervention with NeuronUP 

Overall objective

The general objective of this intervention with NeuronUP in attention is to maintain the attention of users with mild cognitive impairment or without cognitive impairment for a good realization of their ADLs.

Activities for the intervention with NeuronUP in attention

To begin the session, there will be a short introduction of about five minutes where the occupational therapist will introduce himself/herself and explain to the patients what will be done during the session.

The activities that will be done in this intervention with NeuronUP in attention are:

1. Find Letters in Words activity

How is it played?

The activity consists of finding the words that have the indicated letters.

Graduation of the activity

This activity consists of 5 levels that are classified from basic to advanced, where each section consists of 10 cards. Each card describes its specific objective. For example, in one of the intermediate level cards the objective is to choose the words that contain the “D” inside the word and that neither begin nor end with it.


Each game lasts approximately 2 minutes, depending on the cognitive abilities of each user.

How it is done

In this activity, users will perform the exercises belonging to the middle section from level 5 to level 10, with a total duration of about 15 minutes.

Specific Objectives

  • Enhancing discrimination and understanding of reading and writing
  • Improve time planning and word order
  • Fostering the ability to concentrate
  • Increase processing speed


2. Finding the missing numbers(worksheets)

How is it played?

Patients must find the missing numbers in a table full of numbers.

Graduation of the activity

This activity consists of 5 levels, composed of 4 worksheets. For example, in the basic 2, the sequence goes from 1 to 5, while in the advanced 3 it goes from 1 to 80, thus increasing the difficulty.

How to work it

In this case, patients must carry out activities from medium level 2 to level 4.


Maximum duration of 15 minutes.

Specific objectives

  • Enhancing discrimination and numerical understanding
  • Improve the planning of the time and the order in which we are going to look at the numbers
  • Fostering concentration
  • Increase processing speed
Intervención con NeuronUP en atención
NeuronUP Activity “Find the missing numbers”
  1. Card Pyramid.


Finally we are going to do a card pyramid

3. Card pyramid activity

How is it played?

In this exercise the user must place the cards of the deck in order, being able to put in the pile a card before or a card after the one that appears, no matter which suit it is. As they are cards of the Spanish deck it is necessary to remember that after the seven comes the jack, and after the king goes the ace. If you can’t continue with the relation you will press on the deck of cards that are face down to generate another card.

Graduation of the activity

This activity consists of 3 levels, composed of 2 phases each.

The participant has three lives, that is, he can only make three mistakes. To change the level, it is necessary to have previously passed 5 screens.


Each patient will have a maximum of 15 minutes to perform this activity.

Specific objectives

  • Enhancing numerical discrimination and understanding
  • Improve planning in relation to time
  • Maintain processing speed
  • Fostering concentration
Intervención con NeuronUP en atención
NeuronUP activity “Card Pyramid”


Authors:     Mireya Ortega

Authors: Olalla Saiz Vazquez, profesora Asociada Universidad de Burgos,  y sus alumnas Ashley Perez y Cristina Pérez.

3. Bibliografía

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