rehabilitación cognitiva online

Online cognitive rehabilitation with NeuronUP: neurorehabilitation at a distance


How can I continue with the cognitive rehabilitation of my patients during this health crisis? How can I offer them a quality service if I am in my home and they are in theirs? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions that have been asked by thousands of neuropsychologists, occupational therapists and speech language therapists who have never had the need to work remotely with a teletherapy platform or who possibly have never heard of teleworking being a possibility in this type of  intervention.  In these times of health crisis caused by the coronavirus this is the new reality and we can help. The answer is NeuronUP.

NeuronUP is an online cognitive rehabilitation platform for professionals and has become a fundamental tool for many facilities, clinics and hospitals at this time when the only option is to work remotely with patients. NeuronUP has allowed them to continue with remote and personalized rehabilitation with their patients.

One example is Down Madrid.”Given the difficulties derived from the current situation, we have started using NeuronUP, an online cognitive stimulation tool specialized in intellectual disability, at the Employment Service and Occupational Center, in order to improve the training and stimulation of our patients”, they explain on their website.

“NeuronUP offers each patient exercises to work memory, executive functions, attention and other cognitive skills which are adapted to the patient’s own performance as the sessions progress, so that it offers personalized and motivating learning. In addition, the tool also allows to us to work on daily life activities and social skills,” add the Down Madrid professionals.

The first reactions, both from patients and their families, are “encouraging, since the exercises are enjoyable, they can do them with more autonomy and they feel satisfied with their work and progress”, explain the managers of Down Madrid.

Remote rehabilitation: working cognitive functions at a distance

Another center that has joined the distance rehabilitation through NeuronUP is Aura Fundació. “It is proving to be a magnificent experience for both patients and professionals of AURA” they explain.

“They continue to strengthen cognitive functions such as attention, memory, executive function, etc., from their homes and at any time of day. The professional team can manage and program the sessions of the specific programs we have designed for all of them. The intervention continues to be personalized and, in this case, controlled remotely to adjust it to their needs and to be able to follow up on the results, since they are stored on the platform, allowing the programming to be redefined if necessary,” they proudly explain from this foundation for people with intellectual disabilities.

Online cognitive rehabilitation with children

rehabilitación cognitiva online

Children also benefit from remote rehabilitation thanks to NeuronUP. For example, the center Stimulos Atención Educativa explained in their social networks that, in these days when we all have to stay at home, NeuronUP offers the possibility of working on cognitive rehabilitation online. “The exercises can be done on the computer or tablet, ideal for creating a good cognitive training at home while the children are having fun”, Stimulos said.


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