#DaleLaVuelta por la parálisis cerebral

#DaleLaVuelta (Switch Roles) for Cerebral Palsy


“#DaleLaVuelta” is a campaign created by ASPACE (Spain’s Confederation of Associations for the Care of Persons with Cerebral Palsy) to acknowledge the rights of people with cerebral palsy on the occasion of the World Day of Cerebral Palsy which is celebrated on October 6.

Campaign video

In the video produced for the campaign we can see eight real situations of examples of the violation of rights of individuals with cerebral palsy. The video turns reality upside down and introduces the viewer into a world where all people have cerebral palsy with the exception of the main character, who is the one who is being discriminated against in various day-to-day situations.


What is the aim of the campaign “#DaleLaVuelta” for cerebral palsy?

To give visibility to the discrimination that people with cerebral palsy face every day and thus claim their right to:

    • Equality and non-discrimination;
    • Decent employment and labor inclusion;
    • Physical and cognitive accessibility in all aspects of daily life;
    • Accessibility to all the technical and social tools necessary to lead an autonomous and independent life with the capacity to make decisions.



Claiming rights for people with cerebral palsy

Current data show that of the 120,000 people with cerebral palsy in Spain, approximately half are intellectually disabled; 33% need assistance on the move, 25% require auxiliary communication systems and almost 80% have great need for support.

The ASPACE Movement is calling for this:

    1. The need to guarantee interdisciplinary and universal attention to people with cerebral palsy who require it throughout their entire vital period.
    2. Carrying out pertinent social research to establish the dimension of the needs of the users and thus be able to satisfy them.
    3. Betting on maintaining their ability to act within their personal sphere. In this sense, we urge the different parliamentary groups to implement a serious reform consistent with human rights in the area of judicial incapacitation.
    4. Special protection for women with cerebral palsy, who face the most serious situations of violation, such as forced sterilization, gender violence or intrusion into their intimate lives.

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Movement in social networks for the campaign #DaleLaVuelta for cerebral palsy

#DaleLaVuelta por la parálisis cerebral

The campaign is present in social networks with the hashtag #DaleLaVuelta in order to viralize it and for society to join this initiative, with the aim of becoming a Twitter  trending topic on October 2. To support the action, the ASPACE Movement encourages citizens to upload an upside-down photo on Twitter along with a message of support and the hashtag #DaleLaVuelta. Numerous influencers will join the initiative that will take place between 12:00 and 12:30.

NeuronUP team joins the the campaign #DaleLaVuelta for cerebral palsy

#DaleLaVuelta por la parálisis cerebral

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