Nueva ficha de cálculo mental

New worksheet to work mental calculations


¡¡Now available ‘Get the target right’ in digital format!!! This activity was available in paper format previously and, starting today, you can also do the activity from your computer, tablet or any digital device. 🥳

In addition, the paper version has been improved and more activity sheets have been included.

How is it played?

It’s about finding different ways to get a given score on a dartboard-like target.

Play by levels

In the simpler levels it will be easier to calculate the indicated score since there will be fewer numbers to combine, while in the more advanced levels it will be more difficult because the figure is higher and the user will have more numbers between which to make calculations.

Watch the following video to see how to play ¨”Get the target right’! 👇




Improved paper version

The paper version of the “Get the target right”  has been improved to clarify how the activity is worked and take away any possible doubts about which numbers could be used in each case.

In addition, the number of worksheets has been increased and their design has been improved.

What cognitive functions are worked in this activity?

This activity works executive functions.

Main function

  • Flexibility: patient has to be able to make different combinations to achieve desired result.

Secondary functions

  • Working memory: patient has to achieve the combination of different numbers to obtain a final figure.
  • Reasoning: because we are comparing results, drawing inferences and establishing abstract relationships.  

Application in everyday life

This worksheet is also very useful because it also works various activities of daily living:

  • Doing calculations in your head
  • Calculating splits. For example, know how many slices to are needed of a cake depending on the amount of people at the birthday party.




Suggestions or comments

We hope you make the most out of this activity!!! 

If you’d like to give us your opinion regarding this or any other activity or suggest an activity you’d like to see, please write us at [email protected], call +1 305-424-8333 or get in touch with us via the usual social networks.  We’d love to hear what you have to say!

All the best,

The NeuronUP team


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