NeuronUP desde otro punto de vista: los usuarios finales

NeuronUP from another point of view: the final users


 “Seems to be made for me” (comment made by a former user from CEADAC  who attended the NeuronUP presensation).

This past Friday, we had the pleasure of presenting our online platform at the Spanish National Reference Center for Brain Injury (CEADAC). Some of those present, were not only Neuro professionals, but former and present patients of the center.

We were not aware of their presence until, at the end of the presentation when the question and answer round began, and the firsts hands shot up. A man stood up and identified himself as an old patient of the center. He congratulated us for our work and suggested an idea he would have t liked to have had while doing his rehabilitation. This comment was very valuable and we are certain that it will become very useful for other users as well.

Afterwards, a young woman raised her hand, too. Her first comment was “It seems to be made for me” and also added: “I feel identified with the activities that you have presented since they are problems I face every day”.

It´s curious how a single sentence can mean so much. It meant a dose of extra motivation for all of us at NeuronUP. Though we appreciate a professional’s opinion, a patient´s point of view has special value for our team.

Everyday, we are working to develop and improve our platform, and not only to be a useful tool for rehab professionals, but also thinking about the final user, which is the real reason this project exists. As we all know, the need for cognitive rehab is not chosen, and that is why at NeuronUP, we try to make this rehab process a little easier and entertaining for all the people that, by any circumstance in life, may need to use it. We push to create activities with pretty and creative designs, with motivating processes and attractive stimuli, and most importantly, with activities that can really help the patient to make his/her daily life easier and improve his/her wellbeing, which is without a doubt, the true target of neuropsychological rehabilitation.

We are very pleased to see that we are on the right track and that, our initial objective of “chipping in” with our help in the field of Neuro Rehab, can become a solid building block for all of us in the future. Back to work!

3 thoughts on “NeuronUP from another point of view: the final users

  1. Sonia Thursday October 11th, 2012 at 06:04 PM

    Buen trabajo!
    Creo que podria ser interesante que los que trabajamos con grupos pudiesemos compartir nuestras experiencias con las tareas que planteamos a los usuarios, por ejemplo explicar actividades y la respuesta que han tenido por parte de ellos, trasladar las inquietudes de los pacientes sobre la rehabilitacion cognitiva, que les gusta mas, que les motiva, de primera mano. Y vosotros con vuestra varita convertir toda esa informacion en actividades que a la vez de servir de estimulacion les motiven.

  2. Carolina Monday October 15th, 2012 at 07:24 AM

    Hola Sonia! Es una idea excelente, y nosotros siempre estamos abiertos a que nos déis vuestra opinión sobre las actividades y nos encanta recibir ideas de todos aquellos que día a día trabajáis en el mundo de la rehabilitación, tanto en grupo como individual, ya que siempre nos aportáis ideas diferentes.

    Uno de los propósitos de NeuronUP es que acabe siendo una gran comunidad donde todos los usuarios puedan aportar ideas e, incluso, diversos materiales (normalmente fichas de esas que todo profesional tiene en la consulta) que nosotros adaptaríamos e incluiríamos en la plataforma para que todos los usuarios pudieran beneficiarse de ellos. De esta manera, NeuronUP sería una plataforma cada vez mejor y más completa gracias al intercambio de ideas y recursos entre los profesionales de este campo, ya que estamos seguros de que entre todos podemos mejorar mucho el mundo de la rehabilitación neuropsicólogica y darle ese empujón que tanto necesita actualmente. Buenas ideas y ganas sabemos que no faltan, y nosotros simplemente queremos daros la oportunidad de hacerlo.

    Además, no se me puede olvidar un detalle: todas estas aportaciones tendrán recompensa por nuestra parte! Hemos diseñado algunas actividades concretas a las que sólo podrán acceder aquellos que colaboren con nosotros, y simplemente por despertar vuestra curiosidad, son actividades que estamos seguros que os van a encantar!

    Os gusta la idea? Creeis que es posible conseguir crear una comunidad de este tipo y conseguir que la gente colabore. Nosotros confíamos en que sí!

    • Sonia Thursday November 1st, 2012 at 02:33 PM

      ¿Cuándo empezamos?
      ja ja jaaaaa 😛

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