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Odd or even’, the new digital worksheet to work reasoning


Despite the crisis, at NeuronUP we don’t stop creating new activities for you and your users! Today we are launching ‘Odd or Even’, a digital worksheet to work on reasoning.

How is it played?

In this digital worksheet to work on reasoning, the patient has to classify a series of numbers according to whether they are odd or even as shown in the following example:

Odd or Even

What cognitive functions does this activity work?

This activity works on reasoning. It is a very simple activity, but very useful for your users.

Available in paper format too

Odd or Even is also available in paper format too.

Odd or Even

Improvements in the activity ‘Objects, places and professionals’

‘Objects, places and professionals ‘ is an activity that you use a lot with users with all kinds of pathologies to work on orientation and purchases. For this reason, we have renewed the template of the paper worksheets and improved several digital ones.

What cognitive functions does this activity work?

As we have commented this activity works spatial orientation and shopping (instrumental ADLs).

Suggestions and comments

Let’s hope you make the most of this activity!!

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Please 🙏, help us to improve and when you try this new activity tell us if you find it useful!

All the best,

The NeuronUP team

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