Camisetas y tazas diseñadas por jóvenes con autismo

T-shirts and mugs designed by young people with autism


“My mom showed me a documentary about young people talking about autism and I asked her what was its name because it happens to me,” says Irene García, an 18-year-old girl with autism from La Rioja (Spain), who designs and sells personalized t-shirts, mugs, cushions, calendars, and postcards through an online store.

Irene is one of the nine members of ‘Purpurina, sigue una estrella’ (Glitter, follow a star), a new project created by ARPA Autismo Rioja (La Rioja Autism Association). This project allows young people with autism at the Leo Kanner Center in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain) to develop their creative potential and sell their own products online.

Artem, Dmitri, Eduardo, Guillermo, Jorge, Mario, Miguel and Patricia are the remaining team members. Each one of them has a specific task with in the team and works to get the project off the groundCamisetas diseñadas por personas con autismo logo -T-shirts and mugs designed by young people with autism: “Our project is going to go very well because it’s about being creative. It’s going to generate a lot of commentary because we’re going to do everything we can and be the best that we can be”.

Products made by people with autism

Designs createdby young people with autism

“Our best ability is to see the world in a simple and authentic way. That’s why most people like our drawings,” explains one of the project members.

Young people with autism develop different products:

Camisetas diseñadas por personas con autismo T-shirts and mugs designed by young people with autism

  • Logos
  • Invitations
  • Product labels
  • Window painting, hallway wall art, etc.
  • Images for special events
  • Whatever you can think of

Young people with autism come up with original gift ideas:

  • T-shirts
  • Cloth Bags
  • Mugs
  • Mouse pads
  • Puzzles
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Paintings
  • Etc.

The ‘Purpurina’project products are already for sale through the websiteof La Rioja Autism Association (ARPA):


Meet the team members of‘Purpurina, sigue una estrella’

Camisetas diseñadas por personas con autismo equipo - T-shirts and mugs designed by young people with autism

The young people with autism of ‘Purpurina, sigue una estrella’ describe themselves:

Artem Arutyunyan

I was born in Krasnodar (Russia) and currently live in Logroño (Spain). I am 22 years-old.
My hobbies are chess, online games of all kinds, drawing, coloring, and writing things on paper. By the way, I am a FC Barcelona fan and my favorite chess player is Magnus Carlsen.
I enjoy watching anime, going for walks, using electronic devices to listen to songs and surf the Internet, talking to good-hearted, nice, friendly people, and having parties.
I don’t like to hear noises, run into people who aren’t sensitive, see­­­­­­­­­­ people smoking, watch unpleasant news, and not being greeted or thanked.
I am a good person, in general, kind, generous, restless, asocial, shy but outgoing. My self-esteem is dependent upon my mood.

I stand out in arithmeticoperations, logic activities and mathematical calculations, but I have poor visual memory and attention.


Hello, my friends. I am from Logroño. I am enrolled in the Leo Kanner Day Center run by ARPA Autismo Rioja, and my task in the ‘Purpurina’ project is painting.
I really like movies from different genres, reading, especially poetry and mystery books. I also like music, and when a happy song is played, I even dare to dance and sing its lyrics.
I work in a team and we help each other in getting the project off the ground by making t-shirts, mugs, cards, calendars, and personalized postcards, all made to customers’ order.
We sell our products online with great pleasure and love.
My job is to design, draw, and make anything requested by buyers.
Thank you for reading my profile. I hope you have faith in this project and in me, you won’t be disappointed!

Eduardo Vallarin

I like to laugh a lot, and have tea with lemon. I like doing yoga with Graciela, classic and modern cinema, bringing food to the fourhomes that make up the day center. I also like music classes with Juan José, eating in the cafeteria, and talking to people. I don’t like noises, people pushing and shoving, kicking and invading my personal space. I also like to go shopping.

I am thrilled to be participating in the ‘Purpurina’ project.

Guillermo Bermejo 

Camisetas diseñadas por personas con autismo equipo 2 - T-shirts and mugs designed by young people with autism

I am 30 years-old and live in Logroño (Spain).
I like listening to music, and going for walks and grocery shopping withmy mother.
I really like the band ‘Fito y Fitipaldis.’
Every day I go to the Leo Kanner Day Center, where I do the errands and the shopping.
I am happy to participate in this project and I am very excited about it.

Irene García

I’m 18 years-old. I’ve been attending the Leo Kanner Day Center for not so long and I’m still getting used to it because I was at school before.
A few years ago, I learned I had autism. My mom showed me a documentary about young people talking about autism and I asked her what was its name because it happens to me. I don’t like having autism because it makes me feel ashamed when doing things or going places. I get distracted to fantasy and live in my ‘Disney-like’ imaginary world. I laugh because my sister says that I sound like a cartoon character.
I love writing crossovers, Atlantis, archaeology, mythology, Egypt, watching movies on the computer many times, like Atlantis, going to the movies, listening to music with headphones, painting Mandala stones, animals, and buying books.
If I do other things I feel like I’m wasting my time.

I don’t like to talk about the future, or what I’m going to do, or how I’m going to be, but I’d love to be an archaeologist.

Jorge Moreno

I am 31 years-old and I would like to ask you to purchase t-shirts, bags, mugs, etc., to raise money for ARPA.
Our project’s name is ‘Purpurina’ and my job is printing drawings and makingcreative designs. Working on this project makes me very excited.
I like rapping and break dancing.

Mario Mayoral

I am 20 years-old and am fromLogroño. I loveStar Wars and I am anAtlético Madrid fan.
I’m a hardworking person when I like doing something. I also like 3D design and film design; I love the practical effectin movies, like making frame by frame with clay (I really like clay). I also like music, especially pop rock and the Star Wars songs. I love video games like FIFA and GTA; I like soccer a lot, but I’ve got to get in shape!

I am very excited about the project.

Miguel Pérez Lasheras

I am part of ARPA Autismo Rioja. I like judo and dogs. I also like to give people kisses and hugs. I’m a very nice guy.
We’re carrying out a project called ‘Purpurina’. We’re going to create some t-shirts and mugs with our own designs.
I am looking forward to this project because it will be very entertaining. My goal is to have fun and do whatever I can. In the ‘Purpurina’ project I am responsible for administrative, marketing and public relations duties. I encourage you to buy our products because they are made by us with love and pleasure.

Patricia Criado

I am 24 years-old. I am from San Sebastiánbut live in Logroño and go daily to the Leo Kanner Day Center.
I really like summer, yoga, gummies, and stuffed animals.
My hobbies: I am a Real Sociedad fanand very friendly. I don’t like lies.
This is my motto: «I am going to be a big hit in the project and doing my best will be a pleasure».
Thank you very much!

The support of the families of young people with autism 

“We are working together with the youngsters and some professionals from the Leo Kanner Center on the launch of ‘Purpurina, sigue una estrella’. We meet with them every week, contribute what we can and have a great time. We will be with them as long as they want and need it,” explains one of the mothers.

“It is exciting to see their dedication to the project, their willingness to learn, to create and to work,” says another mother who is also involved in the project.

“We think of ‘Purpurina, sigue una estrella’ as anincredible opportunity for them to develop their talent, their creativity, their genius, and also as a uniqueplatform to look out into the world and make themselves visible,” they conclude.



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