Trabaja con sesiones para ahorrar tiempo y mejorar tu organización

Work with NeuronUP sessions to save time


Time with your patients is limited, so why waste it on finding, creating and gathering materials, and why not invest it directly in intervention with your patients? Work with NeuronUP sessions to save time and improve your organization.

NeuronUP sessions allow you to design, IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES, a flexible intervention with hundreds of activities that can be adjusted to the needs of each patient.

In the following video we show you how to create a session:

Work with several patients at the same time

Did you know that you can work with several patients at the same time with the same NeuronUP session?

This functionality will allow you to save time and, besides, you won’t have to worry about regulating the level of each of those patients. The platform regulates the activities of the session at the level of each of the patients

In other words, if the last time John played a game he ended up at level 2, in this new session he will start at that level; while if Carmen reached level 6 the last time she played she will automatically start at that stage, each one will go at his or her own pace and you will not invest a single second in adjusting it!

Group NeuronUP sessions

Did you know that with NeuronUP, besides working individually, you can also work in group sessions? Some centers, especially associations, work with groups where patients do the activities together. Group work increases enormously motivation and social skills and can be the ideal working method for many patients.

If you are interested in knowing more about how group sessions are worked with NeuronUP, read this post.

NeuronUP sessions at a distance – telerehabilitation

NeuronUP sessions at a distance - telerehabilitation

With NeuronUP, besides working in your workplace with your patients, you can create sessions for them to do from the comfort of their home.

The confinement due to the health crisis, your patients’ holidays, their long working hours, the distance that separates them from their workplace or their mobility problems will no longer be a limitation to be able to do your work.

If you want to know more about remote rehabilitation with NeuronUP, take a look at this article on remote rehabilitation:

Reviews patients’ activity results instantly

Did you know that every time one of your patients works a NeuronUP session the results are automatically saved in their profile? This functionality allows you to redefine the therapy according to the progress of each patient, promoting a continuous and guided improvement.

Example of a patient’s session results

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