Assessment or Intervention, That is the question


When we started and NeuronUP was just an idea in our minds, we were sure that we wanted to invent and design a tool aimed at the daily professional/patient intervention.

By that time our internal proposal wasn´t  assessment at all; we wanted to help professionals in their daily work with patients, people in need of stimulation with tools and apps . And those tools should be attractive and varied and should also cover reliability and validity enough.

We know that there are still niches to fill in assessment, but there are different Universities and important publishers like Tea, Pearson, MHS or Par successfully  developing assessment systems. We are talking about tests that we have been using in our Clinical Center for years.

When I show NeuronUP, I´m sometimes asked in meetings if we have in mind developing some kind of neuropsychological assessment within our application.  And my answer is always: “I DON´T think so“.

The best resources in the patient´s recovery.

I believe that there are two different things that should work separately, and if executed by two different companies, the better. Publishers will care about carrying a good work and make an excellent patient assessment, and NeuronUP has created a superb program for professionals to work with the best resources in the patient´s recovery.

We  prefer our work to be assessed by an assessment expert, than to make a tailor-made assessment ourselves to validate our own work.

We do believe that when both things are carried together, most times the professional is looking after good data in post intervention, no matter of the affected person´s reality in his or her environment.  And to have these good results in post intervention, people are measure with test very much alike to those they have carried during their daily routine in intervention.

The same way companies hire experts to audit their accounts to validate their work I think that standardized assessments test are the best allies of the work professionals do with NeuronUP.

NeuronUP could act as an improvement or regression indicator, but assessment will still be essential.

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