Neurorrehabilitación desde casa, telemedicina

Learning with COVID-19: online neuropsychology


The San Lorenzo Comprehensive Center explains its experience in carrying out online neuropsychology treatment during COVID-19.

San Lorenzo Comprehensive Center has a multidisciplinary team working in different fields in speech therapy and psychology and neuropsychology. We are professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in the treatment of patients with different pathologies, both in person and online. We work in a multidisciplinary and integral way with the developmental, behavioral or emotional difficulties present in children and adolescents.

We work with a diverse population in childhood and adolescence with various disorders such as, developmental delay, language difficulties, children with ASD, children with ADHD, children with high abilities or behavioral or emotional symptoms.

All the children who come to our center are evaluated and diagnosed by our team of professionals to make an appropriate diagnosis for each case and we propose a treatment adapted to their personal and family needs.

Times of change

On March 13, 2020, and in view of the news that made us suspect the imminent decree of state of alert, we started a planning for those patients that could benefit from continue online treatment.

To do this, we created a new approach in our treatments that until then we had only used with children in exceptional occasions such as hospitalization or home isolation. We thought that, just as in those previous special occasions we had worked with children by means of video conferences and apps with good results that we could continue to do the same with all of our kids  to be able to continue with the work developed during the last months in the clinic.

At that time, which was so difficult for all of us, we began to consult with the parents of children who might benefit with online treatment in order to find out their concerns in this regard and the response was decisive in starting this new stage. Thus, in a few days we were doing online neuropsychology therapy sessions.


Our planning with each patient was made based on the objectives set out in their previous intervention program. With those objectives in mind, working with children in executive functions was one of the priorities of most programs. For this purpose we have NeuronUP as one of the tools for our patients.

The planning of the treatment in the weeks of confinement was carried out including the exercises of the NeuronUP application as one of the parts of the program, on the other hand, through the online sessions we started working different aspects of their treatment program.

In the two months that we have been working online we have made an important effort in the coordination of different professionals of the facility involved in the treatment of the patients through online meetings that have served to highlight the need for disciplinary coordination.


The results that we have found when we started with the face-to-face sessions in the consultation are interesting and we thought it was important to share them with other professionals.

Positive evolution of children with online neuropsychology treatment

Those children who have followed the treatment by teletherapy platforms and apps during confinement show an evolution within what is expected in their treatment with practically no differences with respect to the face-to-face treatment..

Stagnation or loss of skills in children without online neuropsychology treatment

However, those children who have not followed the treatment by telematic means and app during confinement are at the same point of their rehabilitation as they were before quarantine or even in some cases there is loss of skills that were not yet consolidated.

For all these reasons, we believe that the quarantine by COVID-19 has served as a learning experience to understand that the support in teletherapy platforms and app such as NeuronUP in situations where patients cannot follow a treatment in the clinic is a determining factor within a positive evolution of rehabilitation.

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La neurorrehabilitación a través de la telemedicina
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La neurorrehabilitación a través de la telemedicina
El Centro Integral San Lorenzo nos cuenta su experiencia con la telemedicina en el proceso de neurorrehabilitación llevado a cabo con NeuronUP
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